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SUP Yoga Teacher Training
Move- Breathe- Relax

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This 3 day SUP Yoga Teacher Training can either be used to advance your paddleboarding skills and instruction or for yoga teachers to qualify as SUP Yoga Teachers. This training will be predominantly taught by Tara Crist, Director of Paddleboard Maidenhead, Paddleboard Coach and Senior Yoga Teacher with some input from other fantastic paddleboard coaches and yoga teachers. 


You must have some paddleboarding experience to join. There are 28 class training hours (80% of the course will be on the boards) with 12 hours of assignments if you are a yoga teacher wanting to qualify as a SUP Yoga teacher.


If you are not wishing to teach, you are not required to practice teaching and can simply enjoy being taught. You will receive a certificate of attendance on successful completion of the course.



Paddleboard Maidenhead has been founded on the principles of yoga, all our paddleboard classes and river trips include yoga and it has added to our success as a highly regarded school with over 1000 5-star ratings on Google.


We have taught thousands of people to paddleboard and introduced each one of them to yoga. We are great believers that the paddleboard is a floating yoga mat and there is nowhere more perfect to practice yoga than on a SUP.

Who is the course designed for?

For Yogi’s  &  Paddleboarders – Learning to explore and adapt your yoga practice and  paddleboard skills , either for your own enjoyment or for sharing with others. It is not necessary to be an instructor of paddleboarding (SUP) or yoga.


For Paddlesport Instructors – Maximise your teaching experience and become the best possible SUP Yoga Instructor through using the yoga principles of posture, breathing and relaxation to your classes. This won’t qualify you as a SUP yoga teacher (you need a minimum of 200 hour course time) but it will give you a solid foundation of stretches and moves to enhance your classes. Your paddleboard skills and techniques will advance tremendously over the 3 modules.


Itinerary - 28 contact hours

The course is designed  not to change your style of yoga but simply adapt and enhance your yoga practice  for the water and bring a whole new experience and yoga perspective to your future students. Once you have completed the 3 days and the 12 hour of assessments you receive your SUP Yoga Teacher Training qualification from Yoga Alliance.


1st Day on the Lake 

  • Procedures & Practices of SUP Yoga

  • Board as a moving yoga mat

  • Effects of paddling with poor posture versa alignment

  • Posture practice – sitting, kneeling, lying

  • Yoga  or pre- paddling warm ups; on &  off boards

  • Core paddling v arms

  • Board set up and class structure- different conditions

  • Experimenting with different styles of yoga

  • Class demo’s

  • Kids AcroYoga

  • Relaxations to fit the environment & temperatures

  • British weather and its challenges


2nd Day on the River

  • River versa lake

  • Intro’s to balances

  • SUP Yoga inspired by others teachers

  • Teaching practice of what you love to teach

  • Experience different SUP Yoga teachers and classes

  • Principles & Practice

  • Relaxation & Breathing practice


3rd Day on the River & lake

  • Discussion on best practice for you.

  • Standing postures

  • Practice more complex board moves & footwork

  • Exploring more advanced practice and balances

  • 2 x practical assessment class on river & lake

  • SUP Rescues and safety practice and skills

28 contact hours - class time together

12 non contact hours - homework and assessments

  • 1 hour- Video- yoga warm up on land suitable for paddlers

  • 5 hours- Video demonstrating different levels of classes , with students if possible.

  • 15 min x2       30 mins x 2       45 min x2

  • 1 hour  Principles of paddling posture  - make a video or essay

  • 2 hour  Shadow 2 yoga SUP yoga classes

  • 2 hour  Write up 2 classes – beginners, kids and returners

  • 1 hour Write up or video for safety briefing include your own risk assessment form. Include what to bring and wear.


£495 for the 40 hour training 

£375 for the 3 day training 

All equipment included £60 less if you bring your own. Prices include VAT.

How to book

If you wish to apply for this SUP Yoga Teacher Training course, please submit the reason you would like to attend and what you hope to gain to info@paddleboardmaidenhead.uk.

SUP yoga teacher training standing

Easter Weekend

Maidenhead, Berks

15 April -

17 April 2022

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May Day Weekend


30 April -

2 May 2022

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Menopausal Yoga 

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