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SUP Yoga Teacher Training
Next dates  7-9 June or 27-29 Sept. 2024
5 places maximum 


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Heading 3

Click on the link below to hear some of Tara's ideas of yoga moves on board plus sign up for a free hand out on the benefits of SUP  written by Lorna, a retired osteopath & passionate paddleboarder 


Prerequisitesopen to qualified yoga teachers -40 hours  training to be a Certified SUP Yoga teacher 

Paddleboard experience is required, if not please enrol for a 2 hour SUP Starter session with us or a school nearby you.

Transforming yoga teachers into super SUP yoga instructors

We are not teaching you how to yoga on a SUP as you are teachers already, we are committed to transforming your SUP skills too.  We want you to be the best possible floating yoga teacher! Paddleboard Maidenhead has been teaching yoga on the water for 5 years and we are one of the most successful Paddleboard and Yoga schools on the Thames.

We believe:

  • In being professional & playful on the water

  • In being part of an inclusive & diverse community

  • That experience is everything


Why should you become a SUP Yoga teacher?


  • Try something different - Combining your passion for yoga and paddleboarding is a win-win.

  • Enjoy teaching in nature - Teaching on the water is a real treat. Natural surroundings create the most beautiful yoga studio ever.

  • Transform your paddling skills - Being a SUP Yoga teacher does not necessarily mean that you can paddle well. This course will additionally work on improving your SUP skills and confidence.

  • Stand out locally - There are thousands of yoga teachers and a growing number of SUP Instructors and schools. Utilising both skills together gives you the opportunity to offer your community stand-out summer activities.

  • Increase your salary - Specialized yoga teachers earn more, attract new clients faster and have more teaching options.

  • Join our supportive community - Our paddleboard instructors and coaches will support you throughout your journey.


Nature focused - being on and around water is magical.

Ease of breath - being outside in fresh air makes breathing simpler and more effective.

Centrally focused - all moves come from deep within.

Ease of relaxation - being surrounded by water is cathartic and calming.

Posture is everything - there is no hiding or cheating on the board.

The board is a floating yoga mat - the whole paddleboarding experience is yoga!



Private lessons -you can offer regular or new yoga students the one-to-one experience of paddling and yoga.

Yoga retreats are increasing in popularity and you will have the ability to hire boards instead of a classroom and take your students somewhere magical for an extended period of time.

Working Abroad is a possibility once you are an  accredited as a SUP Yoga teacher and can offer your services to others.

Collaborations  with your local SUP school and offer your services. Ask to hire boards and instructors and set up your own classes or be part of theirs.

Paddle Parties- Water-based activities are becoming more popular for both adults and children- Yoga can be a big part of the party experience as it is so playful.

This course is registered with Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (CE) and worth 40 credits. The 3 day training will be focused on the water gaining plenty of experience on the boards. After completing 28 hours and you can begin to teach and record your lessons till you have acquired the 12 practice hours. If you live close enough you can come back to Maidenhead and gain more practice that will count towards this.

The course will not come with a hard copy manual, as they often never used. You will receive access to electronic waivers, questionnaires, insurance details and the necessary business support to set up on your own.

Satisfaction guaranteed and post-training support available.


£400 for the 3 day course- SUP Yoga Teacher Certification- only for qualified yoga teachers 

+£50 if you need board and equipment 

 £100 deposit to hold your place, minimum 3 students Max 5 

When? The next three-day 28 hours training  running from Friday  to Sunday  5- 7 June or 27-29  Sept  2024 

Where? We're based in wonderful Maidenhead, a riverside town in Berkshire, England, on the southwestern bank of the River Thames and have full access to a lake too. 

How to book Pay a £100 deposit and we will contact you for the other details  or What's App 07505 147957 

A Letter from Your Trainer

Dear Future teachers,

I started my yoga teacher training after the birth of my second baby, having practised since I was 18. I moved back to this part of the UK in 2008 and paid a sitter to play with my girls so I could join a kayak club to refresh my energy and clear my mind a few hours a week. With this new hobby I found new love, new friends and became a volunteer kayak instructor. When my husband wanted to swap kayaking for paddleboarding, my initial disappointment was short lived. Simply standing on the board for the very first time, I felt my love of yoga had found the perfect marriage with the board and I have never looked back.

Over a few years, my paddleboarding classes started outnumbering my yoga classes and it allowed me to grow a very successful business. For the first time in my life, I formed a limited company and have employees.  Paddleboarding has taken off during lockdown and SUP-related businesses are thriving.

Every one of our SUP sessions includes some form of yoga. It is such a big part of our paddleboard school that all our paddleboard instructors encourage new paddlers to get off their feet and take some time to stretch and breathe.  Yoga helps reduce the fears, doubts and stresses that can surface when new paddlers learn to stand on a seemingly wobbly surface.

I hope to attract the most passionate of teachers, who feel at their happiest in and around water and who are ready to take their paddling and yoga practice to the next level.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Director, Paddleboard and Yoga Coach

Paddleboard Maidenhead Ltd.

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Yoga on Board vs Yoga on Land 

You will never roll around on a thicker yoga mat! Yoga on the water promotes a greater sense of healing and calm before you have even started the class.  The magic begins the moment you set foot on the board. You learn to relax and trust the subtle moves beneath you. Natural sounds and lighting, no boundaries between the student and nature promote a feeling of well-being. The yoga is simpler on the board. There is no need to make it exotic or complicated as the relaxation, breathing and settling into poses happens on its own. There is fun, laughter and playfulness on the water and its more sociable too. Students receive helpful feedback from the board that is not present on land. Every move needs to be counter-balanced and executed honestly. Transitioning from one move to another requires more thought and mindfulness.

Once back on land you always remember the experience of being slightly off-centre. Those memories never leave and students report back that their yoga changes as a result of experiencing a ‘floating yoga mat’.

Menopausal Yoga 

SUP Yoga Teachers trained by Tara

Claudia in W.Sussex
Pat in Strafford upon Avon
Camilla in Wiltshire

07505 147957 

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