Paddleboard Safety

Whether you're joining us for a stand up paddleboard (SUP) session or simply want to rent a SUP board,

please read the health & safety advice below beforehand.


When you come paddling with us the sessions are 2 hours. It is therefore very important that you already participate in physical activities. We can paddle as slow or fast as you want but you don't want to fatigue easily or put undue stress on your body, it will take away from the enjoyment of your paddling experience. 

Please let us know in advance of your paddle if you have any health or medical conditions that may affect your participation. Bring any medication with you and we can pop it into a 'dry bag' to be attached to your SUP board and be kept safe and dry!  

We know in the UK, how  much the weather can vary every hour. Be mindful of the forecast for your paddle and be prepared as we don't want you to suffer heatstroke or hypothermia.  Click here for advice on clothing and what to bring for your paddle.

Paddleboard Safety

If you have your own paddleboard (BYO) and going out on your own, we advise you read the safety advice below.

All of our Team members are DBS checked, fully qualified Paddleboard Instructors, First Aiders and have completed Foundational Rescue Skills Training and they love paddling. 

SafeTrax App

SafeTrax is connected to RYA and is an app you can download if you are paddling alone ( not recommended in winter) , so if you ever find you need help or someone else does, you can be connected to the rescue services at a press of a button and it can also tell others if you have not returned.


If you are fairly new to paddling on the river or paddling 'out of season', these videos could help keep you warmer and safer.

Safety Courses

When weather is perfect, paddling is easy but wind directions and river flow can change. Our Skills, Safety &  Rescue Courses are suitable for all ages and help you become more 'river savvy' and have a wide range of paddling techniques to paddle faster and further

 Safety Skills and Rescue  .png