Googling "sup clubs near me"? Well look no further, our SUP Club is fun, we laugh, joke and catch-up on life

The SUP Club is open to new and experienced paddlers with their own boards who really appreciate and enjoy paddling with our experienced and qualified coaches.


Taking part in a group activity provides additional commitment, in fact you are 42% more likely to continue the activity if you do it with a group. That’s masses of opportunity to share adventure, cake and coffee with a group of people with a shared interest in paddleboarding.

Paddling once to twice a week through the cooler months will maintain your fitness and you’ll get loads of experience reading the river, so you’ll be that much safer on those occasions when you do go out on your own. So, get your own board and come join us!

It’s about enjoying the sociability of paddleboarding, connecting with new friends, and becoming familiar and confident with stretches of the Thames, so that you can paddle the river on your own (with new paddling pals)! We will run the club throughout the year, just one month’s commitment at a time.

SUP Club Cost


For £44 a month (you must have a river license) you will have 3 planned weekly river paddles to pick from, four paddles are included in the monthly fee and any extra paddles are £11. Niki will always be alongside you, and she is full of paddling tips, local history and geology, and a fun person to hang around. 

Joining Requirements


The pre-requisite to join our SUP Club is that you have completed Safety, Skills and Rescue, have done at least 2 Guided River Trips, and have a good level of paddle ability and stamina.  This will continue to build the more paddles you attend and will include understanding appropriate weather and water conditions, as well as portaging and safety around locks and weirs.  In order to be assessed you will need to book  at  the Paddlesporty Sundays session with Niki or one of the other PBM senior coaches who will refer you.      


This will determine if you have the skills and the paddle stamina to join the club.  It may be simply a question of a little more time on the water and more experience but that won't take long with us. There’s also the possibility to meet up on the lake to join Niki's 'Skills and Drills' to really play around with your paddling and board. Lots of possibilities! 



Niki Truebridge, paddleboard instructor and SUP Club Leader, has a wealth of coaching experience on and in the water (also a swimming coach), and is excited to be getting the SUP Club underway.  She is passionate about sharing the most beautiful stretches of the Thames with you, and in the winter the canals.  Niki will plan 3 river  paddles a week, Tuesday evening and early Sunday morning, and Friday morning ( if the demand is there).  Sunday afternoon at the Maidenhead Sailing Club Lake will be used for assessments, social and furthering paddling skills.  We  will slowly build you up to paddle longer stretches, or paddle faster so you can cross more water. During the winter we will explore canals and local waterways and use the lake more to keep fit when the Thames is running too fast to paddle safely. 

There are so many new paddlers at the moment and it would be so easy to invite everyone to join but we prefer to start small knowing the skills and competency of our paddlers, so we hope you understand why the Paddling Pathway is so important to joining this club.   


Please email Niki on coaching@paddleboardmaidenhead.uk if you have any questions.