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Looking for "sup clubs near me"?

Well look no further, our SUP Club is fun, we laugh, joke &  catch-up on life

Led by experienced and qualified coaches &  instructors (mainly Tara & Phil Crist) , Maidenhead SUP Club is open to  paddlers with their own boards (we can do a monthly hire if you don't have your own board as it is great to try other boards before you decide. Unlimited paddles each week to choose from. One of our Senior Team Members will assess your paddle skills; this can be during the Skills, Safety and Rescue 2 hour session which must of completed before becoming a member. Paddling regularly within a club atmosphere is the best  way to ensure you paddle  each week despite the weather and throughout the year. If you are looking to broaden your paddling experiences, meet new pals  and improve your stamina and technique, this is the club for you!



  1. Improve your skill and confidence: If you want to get better at anything, you need to be doing it regularly and be stretched. Being in our club means you have access to expert instructors who will help you raise your game.

  2. Stick with it: You are much more likely to get up and out of the house early if you are meeting others. SUP Club will give you the reason not to hit snooze or get away from your desk!

  3. Have fun: Come and meet some new people. We’re a friendly bunch and we laugh a lot. 

  4. Get into good habits: We’ll encourage you to warm up and stretch - things that can be easily forgotten when you’re on your own. We’ll also make sure you don’t fall into bad habits that can slow you down and lead to injuries.

  5. Boost your mental health: Getting outside and connecting with nature regularly is good for your mental health. You will see some magical parts of our local waterways including quiet backwaters where we paddle past herons, kingfishers, water voles and more.

  6. Feel SUP- Safe: It’s always best to paddle with others. It will give you peace of mind that there are other experienced paddlers around you who have your back should you take an unplanned dip. Our fully-trained instructors and coaches make sure the conditions and location are suitable before each paddle.

  7. Get more paddling for your pound: The more you paddle with the club, the more value you will get! Once your monthly fee is paid, there’s no limit on how often you can SUP with us. You’ll get exclusive perks too including some pretty cool club merch and discounts for friends and family.

The SUP Club Sessions

These happen no matter the season or the weather. They do get cancelled if too windy or too disgusting. If you can make at least one a week then it is worth being a SUP Club member ( £49 a month)  otherwise you can PAYG £20 a session .  You can  focus on refining paddling technique, to avoid repetitive strain injuries and ensure you are paddleboarding most efficiently and effectively with a relaxed style. Each session  we paddle a different local stretch of the Thames and in the winter we explore canals too. 

What  is included? 

SUP Safari's - Thursday & Sunday morning half or full day paddles which can be as far as Oxford and as south a Basingstoke canal

SUP Explorers - Saturday afternoons 1pm - 3 hours paddles no more than 25 minutes from Maidenhead 

Guided River Tripsavailable most days of the week and the location on Tuesday and Friday will vary locally -2 hours 

Full Moon paddles  once a month 

Early Boards 6.30am 60-90 minutes depends how long you have -  Boulters or Windsor 

Sunset Paddles at least 3 evenings and location will vary  Night Paddles ( in the winter) 

Sunset & Yoga   Thursday evenings from Boulters - 1 hour paddling and 1 hour SUP yoga with Tara - Summer  only 

Skills &  Technique  sessions with one of our coaches

SUP Yoga River Retreats 50% discount 

All sessions are booked through the website and you can do as many as you want each week- 4 paddles a month works out at £12.25 a paddle !

Your progression and your paddleboarding experiences on the Thames will grow expediently, as will your core strength and stamina! 

Joining Requirements

Complete our Paddling Pathway to gain the required experience you'll need to join.

SUP Club members must have taken our Safety, Skills & Rescue Training 


Ready to join then message us 07505 147957



The monthly cost for the Club is £49 per month, for as many paddles you want to join in throughout the month. Minimum 3 months at a time for the summer season. All paddles must be booked so that we can organise instructors  and ensure that you are informed of any changes.

How to join

You can sign up via our booking system or email if you have any questions. 

Please note: All paddle locations are subject to change due to weather and river conditions and we will keep this site and our booking system updated accordingly.

07505 147957 

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