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Meet The Team

Whether you're joining us for a stand up paddleboard (SUP) lesson or simply want to hire a SUP board, our super friendly team are here to help. All of our Team members are DBS checked, fully qualified Paddleboard Instructors, First Aiders and have completed Foundational Rescue Skills Training and they love paddling. 

Tara Crist
Paddleboard Coach

Favourite place to paddle: Cliveden Reach to Hedsor in all seasons. 

Interests off the water: AcroYoga especially with youngsters, all things outdoors &  just started sailing.

Fun Fact: Tara has lived in different countries and before moving to Maidenhead, she was teaching yoga on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Tara’s Top Paddling Tip: Focus on your posture, head position to reduce shoulder and neck tension.

Tara Crist paddlesports coach Maidenhead.jpg
Paddleboard Instructor 

Favourite place to paddle: Being out on the river early in the morning before everyone else stirs for the peace and calm.  

Interests of the water: Kate is passionate about growing plants and garden designs for the enormous benefits to health and well being 
Fun fact: she  likes to swim with basking sharks .Kate's Top tip:
Always take plenty of water and snacks with you when you paddleboard, it’s thirsty work and good to have in case of an emergency. 

kate sup instructor.jpeg
Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Guards Club Park in Maidenhead as he loves to practise skills without having worrying about river traffic.

Interests off the water: Dil has an incredible singing  voice and part of a choir. 

Fun Fact: Dil is a talented swimmer – possibly also why he doesn’t mind falling in too much!

Dil’s Top Paddling Tip: Reach as far forward as you can with each paddle stroke and take the paddle out when it reaches your feet. 

Dil Bagri Paddlesports instructor maidenhead .jp
Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Mostly you will find him somewhere between Bray and Cliveden!

Interests off the water: Nathan is super sporty and loves playing football and squash.

Fun Fact: Nathan is bilingual in French and English. He’s possibly our most patient, chilled out instructor and never gives up.

Nathan’s Top Paddling Tip: Try to always look ahead when you paddle, never down at the board. Always a good idea to look where you’re going!

nathan forde paddleboard instructor paddleboard maidenhead.jpg
Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: The views of Cliveden as well as the extra challenge of the wake from the boats on a busy day.

Interests off the water: Arjan enjoy playing rugby and hockey as well as hopefully learning to skydive.

Fun Fact: Arjan is also a qualified lifeguard and is currently studying at the University of Leeds.

Arjun’s Top Paddling Tip: Keep your knees slightly bent and your eyes forward and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Paddleboard Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: I am really enjoying 'working' paddling in Hurley, I love all the islands.

Interests off the water:  I don't like sport  but I love anything outdoors and in nature, paddling suits me! 

Fun Fact: I am a Girl Guider and a Brownie leader and I met Tara on a Litter Pick this winter. 

Jasmines's Top Paddling Tip: Keep your shoulders down and as relaxed as possible and breathe! 

Paddleboard Coach 

Favourite place to paddle:  All of the Thames of the non tidal Thames.

Interests off the water: Still on the water, travelling anywhere new and different to explore  new sections of the Thames in his selection of kayaks and paddleboards. 

Fun Fact: Over a thousands scuba dives worldwide, and he used to be a Diving instructor.

Phil’s Top Paddling Tip: Don’t let the weather put you off going out for a paddle, they are often the most memorable.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite weather to paddle: misty mornings 

Interests off the water: swimming & volunteer at the wonderful local refill shop - Filling Good

Fun Fact: stayed in a camper van for a year

Top Paddling Tip: check the weather and water conditions, there are so many apps to help decide where and when to paddle.

Cath's Podcast on the Joys of Paddling

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Anywhere & everywhere, water is my friend. 

Interests off the water: Too many to list, but if pushed…. Singing, dancing and acting.  

Fun Fact: When I was 16 I recorded a choral number with Harry Secombe for ‘Highway’ instead of revising for my geography GCSE.

Flicks's Top Paddling Tip: Always show up.  Even if you are feeling low, you’ll be smiling on the way home.

flick scotland .jpeg
Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Tash will paddle anywhere. If there is water, she’ll be there.

Interests off the water: Tash is another sporty member of the team.  Football is her first love, and enjoys cross-country running, the  piano and clarinet.

Fun Fact: Tash’s football skills include the ability to complete over 1000 ‘Keepie-uppies’

Tash’s Top Paddling Tip: Moving around the board and using your bodyweight to paddle straighter and turn easier is really worth learning.

Tash Rasmussen Paddlesports instructor marlow.jpg
Guest Paddleboard Coach

Favourite place to paddle: Boulter’s Lock – Hedsor stretch first thing in the morning before anyone else is out on the water.

Interests off the water: Belle is also a Nail Technician and enjoys trying out new nail techniques & trends.

Fun Fact: Belle lived in Germany for 8 years where she worked as a Musical Theatre performer.

Belle’s Top Paddling Tip: Always include some yoga stretches as it  relaxes you on the water and helps immensely with aches and pains.

Volunteer Assistant Paddleboard Instructor 

Favourite place to paddle: Jubilee River as there are not motorized boats and so many wild birds.  

Interests of the water: Becky loves dancing, singing, origami, archery, piano.
Fun fact: She has paddled many different types of river craft including wooden rafts. 
Becky's Top tip: When paddling forward, tilt the blade at a small angle towards the board to paddle straighter. 

Becky paddlesports instructor cookham .jpg

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Got a question about our SUP paddleboard lessons or hire? Please drop up a message if you would like more information and one of our friendly team will be in touch soon.

07505 147957 

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