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Whether you're joining us for a stand up paddleboard (SUP) lesson or simply want to hire a SUP board, our super friendly team are here to help. Find out more about us below...

Tara Crist
Paddlesports Coach & Director

Favourite place to paddle: Cliveden Reach to Hedsor in all seasons. 

Interests off the water: AcroYoga especially with youngsters, all things outdoors &  just started sailing.

Fun Fact: Tara has lived in different countries and before moving to Maidenhead, she was teaching yoga on the Caribbean island of Aruba.

Tara’s Top Paddling Tip: Focus on your posture, head position to reduce shoulder and neck tension.

Paddlesports Coach

Favourite place to paddle: Hedsor Water for relaxation and St Patrick’s Stream when something more challenging.

Interests off the water: Open University studies, Interior Design and plenty of local dog walks.

Fun Fact: Niki is also a qualified swimming instructor so if you do fall in, she can help you with your swimming technique too!

Niki’s Top Paddling Tip: Let your hips follow your paddle to keep you heading straight.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite weather to paddle: Paddling when it's raining as it seems to flatten the water. 

Interests off the water: Running with her dog, any outdoor fun and fitness with her little boy. She lives on a boat, favourite time being summer evening BBQs with friends &  family. 

Fun Fact: Ciara completed the Devises to Westminster 125 mile non-stop canoe race after just six months of training to raise an incredible £24,000 for road safety charities after her husband was killed by a dangerous driver.

Top Paddling Tip: Bring food and make the day of it!

Team Cookham  

Ciara on the left and Laura on the right of the photo.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: The views of Cliveden as well as the extra challenge of the wake from the boats on a busy day.

Interests off the water: Arjan enjoy playing rugby and hockey as well as hopefully learning to skydive.

Fun Fact: Arjan is also a qualified lifeguard and is currently studying at the University of Leeds.

Arjun’s Top Paddling Tip: Keep your knees slightly bent and your eyes forward and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Tash will paddle anywhere. If there is water, she’ll be there.

Interests off the water: Tash is another sporty member of the team.  Football is her first love, and enjoys cross-country running, the  piano and clarinet.

Fun Fact: Tash’s football skills include the ability to complete over 1000 ‘Keepie-uppies’

Tash’s Top Paddling Tip: Moving around the board and using your bodyweight to paddle straighter and turn easier is really worth learning.

Volunteer River Guide

Favourite place to paddle:  All of the Thames of the non tidal Thames.

Interests off the water: Still on the water, travelling anywhere new and different to explore  new sections of the Thames in his selection of kayaks and paddleboards. 

Fun Fact: Over a thousands scuba dives worldwide, and he used to be a Diving instructor.

Phil’s Top Paddling Tip: Don’t let the weather put you off going out for a paddle, they are often the most memorable.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: between Marlow and Bourne End when all the swimmers, kayakers & paddleboarders are out at the same time.

Interests off the water: When she’s not training in her marathon kayak, Georgia also loves to bake. Her favourite ingredient is chocolate!

Fun Fact: Georgia has been racing kayaks on the Thames since she was 9, her kayak is less than half the width of our paddleboards!

Georgia’s Top Paddling Tip: Keeping your balance is all about keeping your eyes focused on where you want to go.

Paddlesports Instructor 

Favourite place to paddle: Boulter’s Lock – Hedsor stretch first thing in the morning before anyone else is out on the water.

Interests off the water: Belle is also a Nail Technician and enjoys trying out new nail techniques & trends.

Fun Fact: Belle lived in Germany for 8 years where she worked as a Musical Theatre performer.

Belle’s Top Paddling Tip: Always include some yoga stretches as it  relaxes you on the water and helps immensely with aches and pains.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: The Thames around Cookham & exploring other waters in the UK.

Interests off the water: Taz enjoys climbing, complementary therapies, zentangle and crochet. 

Fun Fact: Taz is  also a qualified formation skydiving coach and first responder for music festivals. 

Taz’s Top Paddling Tip: Encouraging beginners to soften their knees. It’s much harder to paddle with totally straight legs.

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: from her Father’s house boat on Spade Oak Reach to ‘their’ secret beach. It’s her happy place with a million memories.

Interests off the water:  Buggy running, cycling with her trailer, walking or just running around playing games with her two small kiddies.

Fun Fact: Laura used to be a ski and snowboard instructor and once taught an 84 year old to snowboard!

Laura’s Top Paddling Tip: If you’re worried about falling in, then fall in. You’ll quickly realise that there’s nothing to worry about and it’s actually quite a fun part of paddling!

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Mostly you will find him somewhere between Bray and Cliveden!

Interests off the water: Nathan is super sporty and loves playing football and squash.

Fun Fact: Nathan is bilingual in French and English. He’s possibly our most patient, chilled out instructor and never gives up.

Nathan’s Top Paddling Tip: Try to always look ahead when you paddle, never down at the board. Always a good idea to look where you’re going!

Paddlesports Instructor

Favourite place to paddle: Guards Club Park in Maidenhead as he loves to practise skills without having worrying about river traffic.

Interests off the water: Dil has an incredible singing  voice and part of a choir. 

Fun Fact: Dil is a talented swimmer – possibly also why he doesn’t mind falling in too much!

Dil’s Top Paddling Tip: Reach as far forward as you can with each paddle stroke and take the paddle out when it reaches your feet. 

Volunteer Paddlesports Instructor 

Favourite place to paddle: Jubilee River as there are not motorized boats and so many wild birds.  

Interests of the water: Becky loves dancing, singing, origami, archery, piano.
Fun fact: She has paddled many different types of river craft including wooden rafts. 
Becky's Top tip: When paddling forward, tilt the blade at a small angle towards the board to paddle straighter. 

Fitness Instructor

Favourite place to paddle:  anywhere as long as it is a warm day.

Interests off the water:  Fitness, Calisthenics,  cooking, walking, dancing, studying nutrition.

Fun Fact: Lived in Aruba, hence why she is a fair weather paddler! 

Anna is a personal trainer and so will be running  fitness sessions on the boards this summer!

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