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Rate your skills

What level paddler are you? Rate your skill as a paddleboarder - on rivers or lakes 

Read each line below and highlight the answer in the column which most closely describes your experience or capability...



Which column did you highlight the most? Find out what type of paddler you are below...

Most scores in experience level 1



So you’ve had a go and enjoyed it. 

If you fancy a bit more fun you could learn some Rookie sticks (tricks) or join our Sunday Fun days.

Alternatively you could build some skills which will give you some basic paddling technique and water safety.

Most scores in experience level 2



Clearly you are getting out and having fun on a board.

To improve from a Novice to a Wizard you need to build on what you have learnt yourself to give yourself a solid skill base.

Most scores in experience level 3



You have a solid grounding as a SUP paddler, clearly demonstrating some Wizardry and are now ready for some more advanced skills.

This will stretch your capability enabling you to go further, have more adventures (more pub stories), bigger fun.

Most scores in experience level 4


Fantastic, you're well on your way to being a confident, independent SUP Paddler (we know you want to be a Legend, so keep practising).

If you haven’t already had any River adventures, these will build up your experience and skill set. Or maybe its just having some company to get you out paddling regularly. 


Maybe also consider learning some rescue skills to give you more confidence when out with less capable paddlers.

Most scores in experience level 4

Full House




Whoa, you rock. Truly you are a Legend.

Be safe and have fun on the water my friend.
If you are looking for company whilst on the water, how about joining group of people who paddle regularly?

How to book

Head to our bookings site to Book your place and get started!

Have questions? Check out our FAQs, Email us at or WhatsApp us on 07505 147957.

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Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the content of this skills questionnaire in any form is prohibited other than the following:

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