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Paddle Fit Tuesdays On The Lake

Fun, Sociable and one of the best ways to keep fit!

It can be tough to get out on a dark night and motivate yourself to go paddling after a busy day. So why not join us and keep fit, enjoy the social and calming atmosphere of the water at night.

Lake sessions will be a few laps of the lake, some sprints, practicing turns and generally keeping your paddle fitness up with the luxury of the facilities and free car parking on site.

Monday 6.30-9pm River 5 miles- BYO Bring your own board

Tuesday 5.30- 6.30pm Lake - working you hard fitness and skills, board provided or BYO

Wednesday 6.30pm River 5 miles- BYO Bring your own board

Thursday 6pm Jubilee River 5km - BYO Bring your own board

Friday 6pm River 5km - boards provided if booked / BY0

**Suitable for all ages**


07505 147957 

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