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Autumnal River Thames Trips

Experience the Thames in its full autumn glory; the greens turning to olive, gold and subtle reds

Experience Autumns colours from a paddleboard, guided river trips for friends and family, see Autumn from a new perspective, be bold before its too cold!

The stretch of the river we choose will vary and it will be confirmed 48 hours before and will be no more than 7 miles from Maidenhead.

The paddle will go ahead if the weather and river conditions are favorable and there is a minimum of 3 paddlers booked which you can imagine in the winter there are not so many bookings.

Ideally you have paddled before as the water and weather will be cool. If not consider completed a Starter on the Lake session, unless you know you will pick it up easier!

This year we are delighted to offer a greater selection of our favourite paddles from Wargrave to Windsor, so you can really get to know this section of the Thames and develop your river and paddling confidence. Each stretch of the Thames offers stunning scenery and different paddling challenges. Whether you are interested in the wildlife, local history or geology or just want to develop your paddling skills, there is something for everyone.

If you think you will be really wobbly and super slow then it is best to book onto SUP Starters to improve your confidence and basic skills. Guided River Trips are also fine for beginners as long as you are fairly fit and agile as we will paddle c.5km. If you want to stop at any point and relax, we can catch you on the way back!

These trips are offered in small groups of 4- 6 paddlers, so you can book independently or invite your family and friends to join.

Bigger groups? No problem! We have plenty of boards, so we can just add in more instructors if you want to paddle in a larger group!

We have all the equipment you need to enjoy a magnificent paddle at different times of the day or you can bring your own board. Please note that we don't provide clothing. Wetsuits You don’t need one to join us, but suitable clothes are a really important factor in enjoying your time on the river. We paddle at a leisurely pace and stop to relax or stretch along the way.

Bespoke paddle You want to go out for longer or you want a different time or day to suit you? Just send us an email:


07505 147957 

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