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7 reasons to sign up to the SUP Club

You might think you’re fine, pootling along on your own. Why join our wonderful SUP Club? Find out below...

Well, we have seven really good reasons to sign up today:

  1. Improve your skill and confidence: If you want to get better at anything, you need to be doing it regularly and be stretched. This means doing things that are at the boundaries of your current skill level and just beyond your normal comfort zone. Being in a SUP Club means you have access to instructors and other club members who will help you raise your game with some informal coaching and lots of encouragement.

  2. Stick with it: You are much more likely to get up and out of the house early if you are meeting others. Ever pulled the duvet back over your head on a chilly morning instead of leaping out of bed to exercise? Yep, we’ve been there! SUP Club will give you the reason not to hit snooze.

  3. Have fun: Come and meet some new people. We’re a friendly bunch and we laugh a lot. On weekends, we often like to check out the coffee and cakes at the nearest café after a paddle. Sometimes the destination IS the cafe!

  4. Get into good habits: We’ll encourage you to warm up and stretch - things that can be easily forgotten when you’re on your own. We’ll show you some yoga stretches on the board. It’s fun, easy and your body will thank you for it. We’ll also make sure you don’t fall into bad habits that can slow you down and lead to injuries.

  5. Boost your mental health: Getting outside and connecting with nature regularly is good for your mental health. You will see some magical parts of our local waterways including quiet backwaters where we paddle past herons, kingfishers, water voles and more.

  6. Feel SUP- Safe: It’s always best to paddle with others. It will give you peace of mind that there are other experienced paddlers around you who have your back should you take an unplanned dip. Our fully-trained instructors and coaches make sure the conditions and location are suitable before each paddle.

  7. Get more paddling for your pound: Finally, the more you paddle with the SUP club, the more value you will get! Once your monthly fee is paid, there’s no limit on how often you can SUP with us. You’ll get exclusive perks too including some pretty cool club merch and discounts for friends and family.

What are you waiting for? We’ll see you on the river then….


07505 147957 

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