What we provide to get you started? 

The paddleboards, paddles, leashes, buoyancy aids, dry bags, river licence, insurance and coaching are included.

Bray to Guards Club paddle boarding SUP)


Paddleboards are included  in the price of all our lessons and trips. If you bring your own board  choose  the ‘BYO’ option when booking.

Our boards are all Qurocs as we love the quality and  the superb customer service.


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We use adjustable carbon paddles which are much lighter than cheaper aluminium paddles. Before we set off you will be given a safety briefing and taught how to use your paddle.

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Buoyancy Aids

B.A's are included in the price, and are advisable to wear year around. All sizes are available. Children are required to wear buoyancy aids at all times. We also provide the  dry bags, lightweight jackets, river licence &  insurance. 

Paddleboarding to Bourne End


All our paddleboarding activities (except board hire) come with an fully qualified Paddlesports Instructor support and guide throughout your session, unless you say otherwise. 


The essentials we do not provide, so come prepared!

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We do no provide clothing. Light synthetic sportswear are the best clothing choice. Clothes that allow you to move freely are perfect. Dress according to the weather and remember mornings and evenings are cooler. Bring an extra layer if you are not sure.

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Wear sunscreen. The sun reflects off the water too and catches people out. Baseball caps protect from glare & heat. 


Insect repellent is a must for evenings.

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Sunglasses: Useful, but don’t wear your best pair! They will sink if you fall in so either secure them or use a cheap pair.  

All prescription glasses need to be attached to your head as they don’t float.



Always bring a bottle of water, that can be placed under the bungees on the board 

along with the dry bag provided for your other valuables such as phone, keys or snacks.


Always take your phone if you are paddling alone or hiring boards.

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Clothing to Avoid

Don't wear cotton clothes; these become heavy and cold when wet. Wear swimwear instead of underwear. So no hoodies, jeans and sweatpants. 

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Clothing to Wear 

Quick dry sports clothes, workout gear, football/ rugby tops are all good choices. Synthetic is best!

Cooler days water resistant over trousers and sporty jackets. 

Carry a change of clothes and keep a towel in your car.

what to wear paddleboarding

Wetsuits & Shorties

Don’t buy one especially but if you have one, use it. They can be  useful for  kids  as they love being in the water.

If you are buying a wetsuit, you don’t want one that is too thick or restrictive. They are not suitable on warm days.

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It depends on the weather but wear something on your feet. Flip flops or water shoes are good options for the summer. Winter footwear differs greatly; special socks and ankle high neoprene boots are needed for cooler times. 

Cool weather essentials 

If you intend to paddle all year round, be mindful of the day’s conditions, it does require extra kit. 


Packed Dry Bag

Carry a dry bag with water-proof over-trousers (the kind used for rainy walks) and a lightweight fleece and a windbreaker/cagoule-type jacket that are easy to put over wet clothes. Good idea to pack an extra pair of gloves and socks. Better to be safe than sorry. 


Hats & Gloves

Hats: Bring one you can add or pack away. Snoods are great too.


Gloves: These are necessary for some and not for others - know your fingers! Try out the gloves you have - different ones for different temperatures. Ski gloves are great on super chilly mornings.



Neoprene boots protecting ankles from the cold are advisable in winter.

Water shoes will not be enough if it is cold. ‘Seal socks’ are waterproof and invaluable for cold days as are thermal socks.

The foot wear in winter is really  important to get right, nothing worse than freezing feet or hands.


Dry Suits 

Dry Suits are a worthwhile investment if you paddle frequently and want that insurance of protection from rain &  falling in. Over -Trousers are a great alternative in the winter, keeping the lower half of bodies dry, rain jacket for the top half.

If you already own a wetsuit try it out, but don't buy one especially for winter.